10 April 2010



I have gotten a few questions about this Postcrossing thing.

I like to get mail. I like to send it too. So, I heard about this website at the UNI RA Conference and decided to sign up. The site is http://www.postcrossing.com. It is an online project that allows you to send and receive postcards from all over the world.

You click a link and get an address of someone in another country to send a postcard to. On the postcard, you include a code (like US-535692) that the recipient can use to enter the postcard on the postcrossing website once they get the card. After they register your card, you get entered into the queue to receive a postcard.

So far, I have mailed 6 postcards to places in Asia and Europe. 4 have been received and because of this, I have been sent 4 postcards of my own. It's really fun to get mail, especially from other countries!

P.S. If you are curious, the only thing different between domestic and international postcards is the price of a stamp. International mail costs $0.98 for a letter or postcard. Domestic mail is $0.28 for a postcard and $0.44 for a letter.


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